why excel brothers

Offshore Development

Outsourcing web development to EXCEL Brothers worked out great for me. I had an idea and a very small budget to test an ad supported website concept. EXCEL Brothers was able to develop the site and get it launched within my tight budget parameters. Having developed multiple online businesses over the last 15 years, the ability to now utilize labor across the globe as though you are working with a team down the street opens up many previously unattainable business opportunities and the quality of work and diligence of the team is first rate.

Brad Feldman
Digital Media Entrepreneur - United State

Why Excel Brothers

The following competitive advantages allow us to offer better quality of service to our customers:
  • Strong management team
    • Effective communication
    • Leveraging time zone differences
    • Management best practices
    • Working experience in various countries, such as US, Canada, Australia, Denmark, UK, etc...
  • Expert Developers
    Our staff is well trained certified developers and proven experience.
    Our staffs can bring creative ideas about software product features and capabilities to create innovative software products
  • Quality Processes - Quality Guarantee

    We offer customers to create a high fidelity prototype of the software instead of writing long and complex specifications. As a result risk of miscommunication about software features and functions is greatly reduced and customer satisfaction increases

    For all applications we develop we offer "no defects" guarantee. If any defects found we will fix them free of charge

  • Competitive cost
    We not only provide high quality solutions but also cost effective outsourcing solutions
  • Customer Focus
    Customer is heart in our process. We provide quality - cost effective – on time solutions to our customers. Hence, we always consider customers are our brothers. That is because we want to build long-term relationship so that they are happy to come back to us with not only new work but also introducing new customers for us.
  • EXCEL Brothers's Culture
    • Motivation
    • Team spirit
    • "Customer first"