offshore development

Offshore Development

Outsourcing web development to EXCEL Brothers worked out great for me. I had an idea and a very small budget to test an ad supported website concept. EXCEL Brothers was able to develop the site and get it launched within my tight budget parameters. Having developed multiple online businesses over the last 15 years, the ability to now utilize labor across the globe as though you are working with a team down the street opens up many previously unattainable business opportunities and the quality of work and diligence of the team is first rate.

Brad Feldman
Digital Media Entrepreneur - United State

Offshore Development

Offshore Software Development Methodology is of prime importance in order to successfully implement the Offshore Outsourcing strategy and reap the benefits of Offshore Software Development in terms of cost effectiveness and business flexibility.

The Offshore Software Development process generally commences at the customer's site. A team of system and software analysts led by a Project Manager carry out the initial requirements definition and analysis in consultation with the customer. The design, development, and testing phases are carried out at the EXCEL Brothers offshore development center.

Below is EXCEL Brothers’s model in offshore Development
offshore development model
In our offshore development model, We believe that effective communication between the client and us is a key element in the successful execution of an offshore software development project. if required, we also place a few members of our team onsite at the client's location to better facilitate in understanding the environment, requirements and ease the communication process. We make best and sincere efforts to maximize the coherence between the Offshore Development Centre (ODC) and our client.

Working with EXCEL Brothers, you will have competent solutions in the fields of Web Application Development, offshore website development, Custom Application Development, and application integration spanning a range of industries including financial services, banking, ecommerce, healthcare and web design. Hence, we provide cost effective solutions that address our client’s overall software development requirements and give value to their product's scope.