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I have used EXCEL Brothers for nearly two years and have been very satisfied with their work. I'm developing a complex business application using the full spectrum of Microsoft technologies, and EXCEL Brothers has been able to handle all aspects of this development, including graphic design, html, C#/.NET, and SQL server stored procedures. In addition, they are very easy to work with and responsive to my needs. I can recommend them without hesitation as a great resource for cost effective software development...

John L.
CTO and System Architect

Software Development Process

Software Development Process
In our Software Development Process methodology, people has always been in the heart of the process.
  • Understanding the Project
    Arriving at a project's scope to ensure that EXCEL Brothers and its clients are sure of what the deliverable product comprises. Developing customized application as per client's needs requires continuous interaction and feedback from the client.
    • Developing Business Case by getting involved with the client during requirement stage
    • Deriving Project Scope
    • Arriving at success criterion, Risk Assessment.
    • Providing Technology Solution.
    • Come up with a high level schedule plan with milestones
  • Constructing
    Arriving at a high-level schedule plan with milestones in place, to give a clear picture to the client before hand of 'when' and 'what' will be delivered. It comprises:
    • Project Plan.
    • Architecture and Design.
    • Development.
    • Regular Product Builds.
    • Regular automated product testing.
    • Test results and analysis and bug fixes.
    • Accepting change requests and providing the respective changes in the delivery schedules.
  • Deploying
    Accepting any changes to the requirements during the project's life cycle, through change requests and providing estimation in the delivery of the requested modifications. The procedure goes as follows:
    • Setting up user acceptance test environment.
    • Client carries out user acceptance tests.
    • Setting up the deployment infrastructure with the required software.
    • Delivering the required manuals.
    • Training the clients and administrators on the product.
  • Maintaining
    EXCEL Brothers always providing support for issues, accepting bugs and minor changes and providing the delivery date.