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Offshore Development

Outsourcing web development to EXCEL Brothers worked out great for me. I had an idea and a very small budget to test an ad supported website concept. EXCEL Brothers was able to develop the site and get it launched within my tight budget parameters. Having developed multiple online businesses over the last 15 years, the ability to now utilize labor across the globe as though you are working with a team down the street opens up many previously unattainable business opportunities and the quality of work and diligence of the team is first rate.

Brad Feldman
Digital Media Entrepreneur - United State

Our Process Is Simple And Effective

We hold your hand through the entire process and ensure a quality outcome.

Simplicity Works! We take the fluff out of development and simply create solutions to your business needs. With our careful controls and checkpoints, most every site that we develop is completed on time and to the complete satisfaction of our client. Every site we build is on a flexible platform so it can grow and change with your business. Following is a brief outline of the process we follow:
simple effective process

  • Phase I – PLANNING
    The first phase of your Website project is information gathering and research. We make a Specification Document to serve as a blue print for development. Once we enter into an Agreement, we will proceed with Phase II.
  • Phase II – DESIGN
    We create custom, professionally designed mock-ups of the homepage and sub-page(s) to determine the look and feel. The goal of this phase is for you to select the comp that is closest to what you had in mind. In extremely rare cases, additional comps are required and can be provided for an extra fee. After edits are completed and you have approved them, we move forward to the next phase.
    Front-end coding is done in HTML/CSS. Any flash motion graphics and/or back-end database work is started should it be required. The site will be temporarily hosted on our/your servers and available for you to view. Throughout the development process, you are able to see the progress, request any minor changes you might like and we'll hold your hand through the entire process, and give suggestions to enhance the end result.
    Our work is fully tested for quality assurance and we take care of all the technicalities in taking it live. You can read more details on our quality assurance process
  • Phase V – DEPLOYMENT
    One last approval from you and we are ready to launch your Website. We will make the site live on your hosting space for the entire world to see!