Outsourcing web development to EXCEL Brothers worked out great for me. I had an idea and a very small budget to test an ad supported website concept. EXCEL Brothers was able to develop the site and get it launched within my tight budget parameters. Having developed multiple online businesses over the last 15 years, the ability to now utilize labor across the globe as though you are working with a team down the street opens up many previously unattainable business opportunities and the quality of work and diligence of the team is first rate.

Brad Feldman
Digital Media Entrepreneur - United State


  • IBM Expands Presence in Vietnam (07/30/2012)
    IBM opened a new technology center and announced two research pacts with universities in Vietnam on Friday, saying it sees promise in the developing nation.
  • Software outsourcers fight for human resources (07/30/2012)
    The fierce competition for skilled labor between software outsourcers has led to a rising trend of job hopping in this industry.
  • Nokia builds mobile phone factory in Bac Ninh (07/30/2012)
    The facility, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, reaffirms Nokia’s long-term commitment to Vietnam as well as its strategy in the region
  • Scalable SQL - Michael Rys Communications of the ACM, Vol. 54 No. 6, Pages 48-53 (07/11/2012)
    Why are many of the leading social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter), e-commerce Web sites (hotel reservation systems and shopping sites), and large banking applications still implemented using traditional database systems such as MySQL (Facebook,Twitter) or SQL Server (MySpace, Choice Hotels International, Bank Itau) instead of using the new NoSQL systems?
  • Hanoi’s high ranking in software outsourcing gives Vietnamese the start (07/03/2012)
    The fact that Vietnam has fallen by some grades in Tholons’ ranking in software outsourcing turns out to be not the bad news at all. Especially, insiders believe that the figures quoted by Tholons are higher than Hanoi’s actual capability.
  • CRM software market segment remains inaccessible to Vietnamese firms (07/03/2012)
    Vietnamese Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software providers have been meeting big difficulties when developing the domestic market.
  • Big cities steady in outsource rankings (06/26/2012)
    HCM City and Hanoi have held their rankings among the top 100 Information Technology (IT) outsourcing cities of the world last year, says international market researcher Tholons.
  • Da Nang to develop software centres (06/08/2012)
    The Quang Trung and Da Nang software parks have attracted 140 information technology companies, of which over 50 per cent are domestic, with total 27,000 staff members.
  • IBM Expands Operations in Vietnam with New Office in the City of Da Nang Source (06/08/2012)
    BM has been present in Vietnam for over 15 years but we are now expanding into new regions in recognition of the huge potential of the Vietnamese market and the role of smarter systems in transforming business, government and society," said Vo Tan Long, Country General Manager, IBM Vietnam. "By giving Da Nang access to world class technology and expertise, we also hope to help the city become smarter and increase its ability to play a key part in Vietnam's economic growth.
  • Hitachi launches all-in-one data center service (05/21/2012)
    Hitachi said it will initially focus on Japan, China and the ASEAN countries, which include Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, looking to grow the business with local regional partners.