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IBM Expands Operations in Vietnam with New Office in the City of Da Nang Source

DA NANG, Vietnam, May 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM today announced the opening of a branch office in the city of Da Nang in Central Vietnam as part of the company's continued geographic expansion initiative to increase its presence in key growth markets. The Da Nang office is IBM's third in Vietnam to date after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

The extended presence will strengthen IBM's ability to provide solutions and services to clients and partners in the region especially in high growth areas such as smarter systems, cloud computing and IT security.

Da Nang is one of Vietnam's key economic, cultural, scientific and technological centers and part of Central Vietnam's Economic Zone. In recent years, the Da [...] Continue Reading...


Hitachi launches all-in-one data center service

IDG News Service - Japanese conglomerate Hitachi on Monday launched a new data center business that includes everything from planning to construction to IT support.
Hitachi said its new "GNEXT Facility & IT Management Service" will cover consulting on environmental and security issues, procurement and installation of power, cooling and security systems, and ongoing hardware maintenance. It will expand to include outsourcing services for software engineers and support for clearing regulatory hurdles and certifications.

The company targets $1.25 billion in orders from the new business by the fiscal year that ends in March 2016, or about 10% of total revenue, based on [...] Continue Reading...


Is the Philippines Ready to Become An Economic Leader in the Region?

Is the Philippines destined to become an Asian economic growth leader, matching China, India and Vietnam?

Yes, according to a set of statistics in the draft document “Asean, the PRC and the Great Transformation?” put out by the Asian Development Bank at its recent annual meeting in Manila.

The ADB is forecasting the Philippines’ annual average gross domestic product growth of 7 percent between now and 2030. This is in the same projected growth league as China, India and Vietnam, and it is way ahead of Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Is this anything more than wishful thinking on the part of the [...] Continue Reading...


HP Unveils Silicon Valley Software Development Center

Hewlett Packard is establishing a software development center in Silicon Valley that the company describes as "a single community" for its management, automation and security software teams.

Under a leasing agreement unveiled Wednesday, HP will set up shop early next year at Moffett Towers, a 1.8 million-square-foot office complex in Sunnyvale, Calif. HP will consolidate software development assets from its multiple Bay Area offices at this location, including the security expertise acquired in its acquisitions of ArcSight and Fortify.

HP CEO Leo Apotheker has made building out HP's software business one of his [...] Continue Reading...


Intel built largest solar power station in Vietnam

After nearly five months of construction and a cost of approximately US$1.1 million, the new solar power station is expected to supply about 30 per cent of Intel’s total electricity consumption in a year for the next 20 consecutive years.

This new solar power station, comprising of 1,092 solar panels and 21 adapters, can directly provide the company with around 321,000KWh of electricity per year without using rechargeable batteries, equivalent to electricity consumed by 500 households in Vietnam.

This is the first and only solar power station built by Intel Corporation in Asia, many times bigger than the ones assembled by [...] Continue Reading...


Why It Is Necessary To Get Your Website Scanned For Security

Consider this; in one of the largest web based data theft cases, 45 million credit cards were affected. In another case over 40,000 USD mysteriously disappeared from two bank accounts, thanks to a hacker group. In yet another case, when clients of ABC Company and other prospective customers tried to login to company’s website, they were redirected to a competitors page, and the company loses the customer! Apart from direct losses, there are many other indirect losses. According to a whitehat security report in 2008, [...] Continue Reading...


PM approves 2010-2020 Science and Technology Development Strategy

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung approved the Science and Technology Development Strategy for the 2010-20 period which targets boosting the value of high-tech and applied science products to about 45 per cent of GDP by 2020.

Under the strategy, the value of the science and technology (S&T) market will increase by an average of 15-17 per cent per year.

The development strategy also requires an increase in the ratio of scientific researchers and professional staff in information and communication technologies (ICT) to nine or ten people per ten thousand. Up to 5000 highly skilled engineers will be trained to manage and [...] Continue Reading...


Outsourcing: Relationships Get Results

For managers wishing to appear dynamic and cost-conscious, outsourcing, near-shoring and off-shoring seem to provide the perfect solutions. All entail moving services or production to other countries which boast a charming combination of talented staff and lower labor costs, usually located in emerging markets such as Romania or Vietnam. Basically, outsourcing means having an external company do some activity instead of your own company. Near-shoring is when this is done by a country in proximity to the home country, such as Mexico is to the U.S. Off-shoring is when this is done by a country further away from the [...] Continue Reading...